Ali Israr



Bio-Sketch: [CV]
I am a haptics researcher and engineer.
I focus on understanding the science of touch, incorporating it in novel technologies, interfaces and applications, and produce new and exciting products and experiences.
'Haptics' encompasses a broad range of research areas. These include, but not limited to, perception and psychology of touch, neuroscience and cognitive science, human motor functions and control, controls theory, rendering techniques, novel and smart actuation technologies, HCI and more. My research focus rely on a common domain of these research topics and includes: touch perception, psychophysics, mechanical design, mechatronics and human-computer-interaction. This allows me to cover significant portion of haptics research and apply my knowledge for novel interaction and device designs.
I am interested in understanding the perception of touch. I model a user's perception of touch and their behaviors,emotions and preferences in user studies and then artificially re-create interactions in stimulated programmable environments. I have stimulated user experience in virtual environments; entertainment; education, therapies; mobile and gaming consumer products; training; auto industry and many more.

Currently I am a Senior Research Engineer in Disney Research, The Walt Disney Company. 
I look for new opportunities to continue my research in haptics and similar technologies and produce new consumer products, communication protocols, entertainment and education media. Please refer to my resume.

 Work Experience
  • Jan 2001 – Dec 2006  Teaching Assistant 
    Department of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, USA
    ME 352 Machine Design (Lead TA; best TA award) 
    ME 586 Microprocessors in Electromechanical Systems
    ME 375 System Modeling and Analysis
  • Jul 1999 – Jul 2000  Junior Engineer
    Echo West (pvt) Ltd., Pakistan



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